Working with the Boxfresh team we designed a striped back yet bold, elegant and striking design.

Lighting & Production Design

BoxFresh: Spotlight 2020

We were asked to put a design together for 4Music’s Box Fresh: 2020 Spotlight.  A Performance based music show putting the spotlight on 4 act’s to watch in 2020.

A dynamic and flowing design.

With the need for the set to be a generic backdrop that fits all 4 artists but with the ability to define each artist, we designed a slick, bold yet simple set to house the musicians as they performed an original & cover track.  Working with Box Fresh’s branding we started working on ideas involving the diamond shape.  After talking to the 4Music Production Team we all agreed that having a header piece was a must for this years show.

We played with a variety of layouts using the diamond shape.  We decided on using the 3 diamonds, floor, header and the up stage upright.  I wanted to incorporate a Tungsten look into the design and after chatting with the Production Team we decided to use Portman P-1 lamps, adding another layer and texture to the design.