Lite Panels : 2X1 HARD

Go-Macro had the pleasure of working with the new Gemini 2X1 Hard LED fixture by Lite Pannels on their demo/commercial for it. This was a shoot entirely to show off the durability and power of these fixtures. The different lighting rigs were powered by nothing but the 2X1 Hard. The days on set had us not only programming for the production but testing in real-time the light’s configurations and DMX ability, along with stress testing the new CRMX bridge from Lite Panels.

We supplied Lighting control solutions, including MA2, Wireless control and long-run networking. With this Tuck was assisted by Jonathan on the rig to help facilitate production timelines.

We sore our selfs again collaborating with some old friends, Director & DOP Joe Ransom had the vision for this stunning display. He had this to say;

“We wanted to approach the film very differently to the 1×1 Hard launch film as this light is for the high-end film world.” Says Joe. But how do you make something that looks like a movie without spending what a movie spends? high-end filmmaking and high budgets normally come hand in hand. Joe continues, “We wanted to play in the way the big players play but in a way that was achievable for us, so we tried to box clever. Stripping back the set build to reduce the budget, we could put all our effort into showcasing the light and making that the star of the show. Really putting it to the test”.

The brief called for the film to show the light’s unique capabilities, an incredibly bright output from a 2×1 fixture that at just 25lbs is hands-down the lightest in its class. One idea was to show a ceiling of light controlled by a DMX desk. But Joe had other ideas. “We tried to think outside the box”, he says. “We are talking to people who know. We don’t need to show them things they have already seen or tell them how a hard light source works.”

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