Live Music and Meditation Experience

For this unique live stream event, our team had the privilege of crafting the lighting design and control package. This ambitious project was divided into five evocative chapters, each resonating with the elements of nature: Air, Fire, Water, Ether, and Earth. The narrative seamlessly blended live musical performances with meticulously curated video inserts, all underscored by poignant spoken-word narratives.

Director Edie Amos drew inspiration from Ari’s nostalgic memories, recreating a bedroom and garden set, complete with a tire swing. Our lighting design meticulously mirrored the themes of each chapter, segmenting the narrative into different times of the day. The sun played a pivotal role, rising with the inaugural song, traversing the sky through the day, setting, and then majestically rising again to conclude the experience. Collaborating with Director of Photography, Tasha Durrsma, Production Designer, Benny Casey, and Producer, James Cross, the project was a testament to collective creativity and synergy, brought to life by an unparalleled team of professionals.

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LAUV / Universal
Edie Amos
Tasha Duursma
Benny Casey
James Cross