John Newman


Over the 2020 lockdown, John redesigned his performance, moving from a 7 piece band to a solo electronic artist. Combining Djing, singing and live sampling/looping, John has brought a new energy and one hell of a show with this switch-up. We have been lucky enough to support John through the past 8 years and into this new chapter of his act.

n our journey of evolving the show, we’ve experienced several transformative versions. Initially, we were thrilled to collaborate with Bless Elska, who brought a dynamic dimension to our live visuals. Matt, with his adaptable and forward-thinking approach, consistently delivers fresh, cutting-edge content, ensuring the visuals remain fluid and responsive.

Our inception began with a meticulously time-coded show, utilizing ShowKontrol to synchronize timecode with CDJ tracks. This setup provided the flexibility for the setlist to be revamped for each performance, leaving room for spontaneous loops and improvisations. However, as the show’s essence evolved over the first year, we transitioned to a fully busked format. This new approach came with stringent stylistic guidelines: a palette of five distinct colors, a refined content range, and specific lighting aesthetics. This ensured that pivotal moments were not only highlighted but also resonated with the audience in a profound manner.

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John Newman
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We’re incredibly excited about our continued collaboration with John and are committed to lighting up his journey for many more years to come!