Live Stream & Lighting Design

Welcome To Braintown.

Part II of a Research & Development Project.

During the first weekend of December 2020 Performance Company Svalbard collaborated with Deadbeat Films to create a stunning site-specific piece onboard the iconic Light Vessel 93, a former Trinity House lighthouse boat moored in Victoria Docks.

This brand new performance for Join the Docks has been commissioned by Certain Blacks, Producers behind last year’s Ensemble Festival. Svalbard use their signature blend of live music, contemporary dance / circus, and cinematography to explore the human brain and the architecture of the lightship in this stunning new collaboration.

The event was filmed and live streamed direct from the ship inviting the audience to jump onboard with the artists as they embody the hull, navigate the bridge and digitize performance below deck – bringing this intimate performance right into the heart of people’s homes – a welcome shining beacon in these turbulent times.

We where super excited to collaborate with the incredible twin-duo Boris & Jack from Deadbeat Films. We have worked alongside these two in multiple projects in the past and love the energy and collaborative vibes they bring to each production. We provided full live streaming solutions with a 6-camera setup with live Director/Vision Mixer. We also provided lighting design and operation.


Co-production from:
Svalbard Company
Certain Blacks

Creative Director: Ben Smith
Director: Boris Thompson Roylance
DOP: Jack Thompson Roylance
Producer, Svalbard Company: Thea Hope
Producer, Certain Blacks: Clive Lyttle, Sussanna Roland

Performers, Svalbard Company:
Alexis Akrovatakis, Santiago Albalate, Tom Brand, Ben Smith

Salteli The Band
Drums: Todd Speakmann
Sax: Dougal Caston
Bass: Rosetta Carr
Voice & Piano: Ben Smith

Live Director & Lighting Director: Tuck
Live Production System: Go-Macro
Spark: Alex Rice
Spark: Reece
Spark: Ben Law
Sound Supervisor: Jack Hale
Assistant Camera: Oliver Zimmermann
Sound Production, Centre Stage: Graham Baker
Set Design: Ed Trueman, Sierra, Caine
Costume: Marina Lurie
Chef: Peter Chippy Grant

Choir: Naala, Lidia Guerra, Harriet Langley, Josh Fein-Brown, Jo Moss