Kurupt FM

Production & Lighting Design

Kurupt FM are best known for their BAFTA winning BBC Mockumentary series “People Just Do Nothing”, which follows a West London Pirate Radio Station.

Go-macro was tasked with the lighting & set design creative for Kurupt FM’s UK tour, we designed a mobile set, that would pay homage to the show. The set consisted of a large backdrop that would nod to Steve’s Grandma’s flat and was decorated with Peanut dust boxes, a sofa to relax on, a front door for special guests to enter through and finished with a delightful 70’s floral wallpaper!

Our lighting setup was a basic floor package which would utilise the house lighting rigs at each of the Regional Venue’s on the tour. Our Road Hog 4 lighting desk was the ideal choice given it’s compact size also benefiting from its versatility making it more than capable when used & busked by our Show Designer, Tuck. On top of this we carried a CO2 Confetti Cannon, blowing out Kurupt FM £5 Notes along with smaller confetti shots at the front of the stage.

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