John Newman

Production & Lighting Design

2019 UK Tour

During the Autumn of 2019 we went back out on tour with Mr John Newman – we have been touring with John for a few years now but this was our first production tour with him.  On this tour, John was trying a new style of show and music, it included chats and ‘banta’ with the audience which made it feel a lot more intimate.

When we first chatted to John about the design we decided it should be eye-candy, something simple, and separates the Band and John.  I set out working on the design, knowing that we where only going to take a floor package and make do with the house top grid.  I came up with a slightly modular design, making it easy to drop parts off for smaller stages on the tour.

We ended up with a floor package of GLP JCD-1’s and Martin Mac Viper profiles, with a couple of Martin Rush Par Zooms to uplight the backdrop. Using scaff uprights we had a semicircle around the stage, 3 on each wing and 3 across the back, each with a JDC-1. We also placed 2 more under the drum riser to give another element.  There were Mac Vipers in each wing, on Johns D/S level and on the U/S to favour the Band, with 4 more Vipers across the back of the stage, with a large gap in the middle.

The rehearsals and start of this tour landed just before Tuck finished his holidays. so while in LA, Volt Lites let him use their beautiful MA3 WYSIWYG suite for 4 days.  Leaving Deputy LD, Jonathan Massena de Camin to step into a brand new production blind, which he dealt with amazingly, ironing out all the little snags that come without a production rehearsal.

Our floor & control package was supplied by our good friends at TSL Lighting, providing;

11 x GLP JDC-1
10 X Martin Mac Viper profile
4 X Martin Rush Par 2 zoom
2 X Tour Hazer
1 X MA3 Lite
Control Racks
Power Rack
Assortment of power, data & rigging.

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