Becky Hill

Production & Lighting Design

2019 Spring Tour

Go-macro designed Becky’s first lighting concept back in November 2016, so we were thrilled to be collaborating again. Following on from a previous successful production, we wanted to build upon this, bringing a new dimension to the show design and video content.

We decided upon a 5 x 3.5m frame with 16 X Astera Titan Tubes creating a rectangle. This was situated up stage behind the band. We also had 8 X Astera AX1 tubes up-lighting the band & Becky. These created a memorable, eye-catching focal point for the tour, substituting the need for smoke.

For the London Electric Brixton show we had an up stage screen to fit inside the frame. For this, we teamed up with Director of Photography and Director Jamie Korn to help bring Tuck’s creation to life. Go-macro used a mix of Live Action & Animation to create a narrative based content package.

Integrating Animation, Live Action and GFX.

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Becky Hill
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