4Music – Box Fresh: 2020 Spotlight

At the end of last year we were asked to put a design together for 4Music’s Box Fresh: 2020 Spotlight.  A Performance based music show putting the spot light on 4 act’s to watch in 2020.  With the need for the set to be a generic backdrop that fits all 4 artists but the ability to define each artist.

We designed a slick, bold yet simple set to house the musicians as they performed an original & cover track.  Working with Box Fresh’s branding we started working on ideas involving the diamond shape.  After talking to the 4Music production team we all agreed having a header piece was a must for this years show.

We then started playing with a variety of layouts using the diamond shape.  We landed with the 3 diamonds, floor, header and the up stage upright.  I wanted to incorporate a Tungsten look into the design and after chatting with the production team we decided to use Portman P-1 lamps, adding another layer and texture to the design.

Here is a side-by-side of a client render from Cast WYSIWYG agents a photo from the shoot.

Picture taken on set of Inhaler
Picture taken on set of Inhaler

Our kit-list included;-

Floor Diamond 5x5m – 20 X Martin VOD Sceptron 10 1000
U/S Diamond 2x2m – 8 X Martin VOD Sceptron 10 1000
Header Diamond 4x4m – 16 X Martin VOD Sceptron 10 1000
Wings – 24 X Martin VOD Sceptron 10 1000

8 X Portman P-1
10 X Source 4 25-50
1 X Tour Hazer
1 X MA2 Control system

Massive thank you to TSL Lighting for supplying our lighting, rigging & technical crew for the 2 day project.

It was a joy to collaborate with the 4Music production team, allowing us to design in our own style but keeping us within their branding and style.  It was broadcast on 4Music and Box Network in 4 parts, with presenter lead interviews inserted around the performances,

The four acts we had this year were  Inhaler, Jay1, Mae Muller and Sam Tompkins.



Client – 4Music @4MusicOfficial

Creative  – Go-macro @Gomacrolx

Lighting & Production Designer – Tuck @elliottlc

Console Operator – Adam Dilley @dilleyidol

Lighting & Control Hire – Go-macro

Lighting, Rigging & Crew – TSL Lighting @tsl_lighting

Studios – East London Studios @eastlondonstudios