Go-macro have access to the latest technical kit, which we organise for hire. We keep abreast of the latest technology and understand the advantages that reliable audio-visual equipment can bring to the work we produce.

Astera AX1 Kit

Astera AX1 Kit


The AX1 by Astera where a ground braking light, being adopted quickly into the Promo, Commercial & Film Industry. With stand alone, WRMX & control thought an App they can be taken on by any one to create stunning effects and moods.


  • 1 Metre long LED Tubes
  • Colours: RGBW
  • Seamless Runtime: up to 20 hours
  • DMX wireless interface
  • IP65 rating: Water Resistant


  • 1 X Charging Hard Case
  • 8 X AX1 tubes
  • 8 X Turtles
  • 16 X Clips, Pins & Mini Spigots
  • 1 X ART7 Control Kit

Our end-to-end hire service comprises of everything from to data and networking to control systems, ensuring our clients get a well-organized and compatible solution to meet their requirements.

We also have expert knowledge in rigging and technical logistics, where we can offer sound advice on not only the appropriate trussing and lighting, but also the mains distribution and operating systems. We will inevitably take into account specific weight loadings and suspension points within the space or venue and advise accordingly.

As a team of practical lighting designers and technicians ourselves, our first-hand experience means there will always be a creative solution available that works for your needs and budget.